Prosthetic Eye Movement

Prosthetic eye movement is an important aspect of a prosthetic eye, also known as an artificial eye. A prosthetic eye is a medical device that is used to replace an eye that has been lost due to injury or disease. While a prosthetic eye cannot restore vision, it can improve the appearance of the eye socket and help the individual to maintain the proper alignment of their remaining eye.

One of the challenges of fitting a prosthetic eye is ensuring that it moves in a natural way. In a healthy eye, the movement is controlled by a complex system of muscles that allow the eye to move in various directions. A prosthetic eye, on the other hand, is not able to move in the same way. Instead, it relies on the movement of the surrounding muscles and skin to create the illusion of movement.

Traditionally, prosthetic eyes were made in a limited number of stock shapes, with the aim of providing a good fit for the majority of patients. However, these stock shapes often did not provide a good fit for every individual, resulting in a less natural appearance and movement of the prosthetic eye.







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