What’s an Ocularist

How to Become an Ocularist

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John Stolpe is an Ocularist that draws on 3 generations of Ocularistry. When it comes to prosthetic eyes, John offers a service that is second to none. Advanced Artificial Eyes innovates in the field of Ocularistry.

What Does an Ocularist Do?

  • The Manufacturing of Artificial Eyes
  • Repairing damaged Prosthesis
  • Making Measurements of patient eye socket
  • Designing new Ocular Prosthetics

In the past, a prosthetic eye was made only of glass. John Stolpe’s grandfather worked as an Ocularist and was key in evolving the field away from glass to modern day acrylic.

Acrylic is a more superior material than glass for many reasons:

  • Firstly, unlike glass, acrylic cannot shatter.
  • Secondly, acrylic can be shaped and custom fit much more easily than a glass eye.
  • And finally, acrylic can be fit with digital irises.

Modern Day Technology of an Ocularist

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John Stolpe is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing digital irises and Ocular Prosthetics. By using the highest quality modern day digital technology, we are able to reproduce prosthetic eyes with an extremely high degree of precision. We believe the future of Ocularists will be more about movement than color. Most Ocularists still paint irises by hand. We take out the effort involved in painting an iris. As a result, we can us focus on the fit and movement.

Some Artificial Eyes are round spheres that sit in empty sockets. To clarify, many are actually “shells” that sit upon existing eyes. These are either damaged or don’t look great. Your Ocularist will recommend a care regimen that is suited specifically to you. In most cases, our pieces only need to be removed and cleaned a few times per year.

Delivering the Best Fitting Artificial Eyes

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Your ocularist may recommend elective Oculoplastic surgery in order to achieve the best possible fit and appearance.

This is either before or after your fitting. Further, it is important to select an Ocularist with relationships with surgeons.

An Ocularist has a wide range of knowledge in the function of the eye. The process of fitting a piece is a delicate one requiring regular communication between eye professionals.

John Stolpe is an Ocularist that prides himself on delivering the best possible artificial eye results. We instruct patients on the ins and outs of Ocularistry. Our office is committed to achieving the best possible solution and works with insurance. We are located in Los Angeles, with access to some of the world’s top eye specialists. Patients come visit us from all over the world. We invite you to set up a consultation to learn how we can help you live the most life possible.

Learn more about John Stolpe by visiting the American Society of Ocularists.

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