John Stolpe at The Association of European Ocularists

The objective of the Congress of the Association of European Ocularists is to bring communication among ocularists. Ocularistry, in its broadest sense, combines the art and science of ocular prosthetics, enhancing the lives of people. This congress serves as a platform for ocularists to discuss new techniques and technologies that may transform their practice.

John Stolpe presenting the Dilating Pupil in Palermo, Italy, 2023

One of the highlights of the 12th Congress was a presentation by renowned ocularist, John Stolpe, who introduced his innovation. Advanced Artificial Eyes’ patented digital iris revolutionizes the field by offering a unique feature: the incorporation of a dilating pupil. This advancement is set to transform the way ocularists approach their work, providing realism and adaptability to the needs of their patients.

Advantages of the Digital Iris

The digital iris allows ocularists to create prosthetic eyes with iris buttons that respond to dynamic lighting conditions. The inclusion of a dilating pupil adds further authenticity to the artificial eye, enabling it to react to changes in light just like a natural eye would. This breakthrough technology opens up new avenues for ocularists to provide their patients with prosthetic eyes that closely resemble real eyes in both appearance and functionality.

The inclusion of a dilating pupil in the digital iris adds an unprecedented level of realism. The pupil’s ability to respond to changes in light creates a more authentic and lifelike appearance. Patients will no longer need to worry about their artificial eye looking static or unnatural, as the digital iris mimics the natural behavior of a human eye, enhancing their overall sense of well-being and self-esteem.

The introduction of the digital iris has significant implications for the field of ocularistry. Ocularists can now provide their patients with prosthetic eyes that not only look remarkably natural but also features that closely resemble a real eye. This technology assists ocularists toinexpand their capabilities. This technology further improves the quality of life for individuals with ocular defects.

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