Why Is The Digital Iris Important?

Patients often come to our office telling us about travelling the world, searching for the best artificial eye. After much refinement, they were happy with a fit, but not satisfied with the complete package. We bring an enormous benefit to these patients by giving them the most realistic looking iris possible. In addition, pairing it with a shape they are happy with after working with other equally talented ocularists. The thanks that we’ve received for ending the struggle to finally have a natural, artificial eye that is both comfortable and unapparent to society are truly overwhelming.

We like to say in our office that our goal is get people “under the radar” so that they are unnoticed by society. They no longer have to hide between hair or dark glasses or be ashamed or embarrassed about their appearance. Often we can achieve this result by pairing our unique digital iris technology, for a better prosthetic eye color, with the existing shape that a patient has worked hard to achieve.

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